WS - Swarm Physics and Gaseous Dielectrics

Workshop: Swarm Physics and Gaseous Dielectrics: Future Challenges in Theory and Practice

Dr. Saša Dujko, co-Chair
Prof. Zoran Lj.Petrović, co-Chair

The workshop (WS) will be held on Monday, the 3rd of September during the GD2018 conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. It will bring together leading specialists from universities, research laboratories, utilities and funding agencies from throughout the world, interested in swarm based studies for the development and utilization of gaseous dielectrics in the high-voltage technology. The focus of the WS will be on experimental and theoretical methods of studying charged particle interactions with molecules, including scattering and transport, in both gaseous and condensed phases. Particular topics include modeling of charged particle kinetics in low-temperature plasmas focusing on techniques associated with the Boltzmann equation, Monte Carlo method and the fluid equation based models. The workshop will consist of invited progress reports followed by a discussion session on topical issues and future of the field.

List of Invited Speakers

• Ronald D. White
Self-consistent tests of cross-section sets for electron-biomolecule interactions using mixtures

• Jaime de Urquijo
Electron/ion transport in insulating gases

• Kohki Satoh
Electron transport analysis in Nitrogen at high E/N region

• Thomas Hammer
Evaluation of dielectric strengths of fluoro-organic compounds buffered with nitrogen and carbon dioxide for use in HV-applications

• Danko Bošnjaković
Fluid modeling of resistive plate chambers